What Are The Technical Points In SMT Processing?

SMT processing is currently the most popular assembly technology in the electronics industry, with high assembly density, small size and light weight electronics. So what technical points should you pay attention to in SMT processing? The following Xinda SMT factory will introduce you to:


SMT processing technology points:


1. The components are correct - the type, type, nominal value and cabinet polarity of each component requiring component numbering should conform to the assembly drawing and schedule requirements of the product, and the wrong position cannot be posted.

2. Pressure (patch height) - The patch pressure (height) should be appropriate, and the component solder joints or pins not less than 1/2 thickness are immersed in the solder paste. For a single patch, the amount of solder paste extrusion (length) should be less than 0.2 mm, and for narrow pitch components, the amount of solder paste extrusion should be less than 0.1 mm.

3. Positional accuracy - The end of the component or the pin and land pattern should be as close as possible to the center. The component placement position should meet the process requirements. Since the double-ended chip component has a large self-positioning effect, both ends of the component length direction should be overlapped on the corresponding pads, the width direction is overlapped on the pads, and then reflowed. Self-positioning during soldering, but if one end is not connected to the pad, displacement or suspension occurs during reflow: but the self-positioning of SOP, SOJ, QFP, PLCC and other devices is relatively small. Reflow soldering cannot correct the placement offset.