What Can The PCB Raw Material Factory Bring To The 5G Express?

Affected by the traditional off-season in the first half of the year, market kinetic energy is limited, coupled with the Sino-US trade war interference, resulting in conservative customer orders, resulting in some PCB industry revenue growth in the first half of the year is still in a recession, such as the original material manufacturer JUXIANG former The total income for the six months decreased by 13.02% and 4.40%, respectively. Industry insiders said that although the current trade war seems to have suspended the ceasefire, the environment is still full of uncertainty. The operational outlook for the second half of this year is still unclear. However, it is expected that the 5G generation will come soon, and new technologies and new products can inject live water into the market.

The professional insulation material manufacturer JUXIANG is affected by the trade war and the willingness of customers to place orders. In addition, customer inventory levels in June led to lower-than-expected results. June revenue was 97 million yuan, down 16.13% year-on-year. The total revenue was RMB 604 million, a year-on-year decrease of 13.02%.

JUXIANG said that the Sino-US trade war in the first half of this year has caused global industry slowdown, coupled with the saturation of smartphone growth and the uncertain timetable for launching the 5G market. As a result, the PCB industry is conservative and wait-and-see, consumer electronics demand is weak, and customers are reducing inventory. slower.

The company will continue to deepen the market development in the field of PCB and antistatic insulation materials, enhance product competitiveness, increase the diversified application areas of products, and expect steady growth of medium and long-term operations under the influence of stability. New technologies such as 5G, AI and consumer electronics.