What Is The Detection Process For SMT Processing?

SMT processing is a fairly complex integrated system engineering technology with high speed and high precision. In order to achieve high throughput, high reliability quality objectives must be controlled from PCB design, components, materials and processes, equipment, rules and regulations. Among them, prevention-based process control is particularly suitable for SMT. The following Xinda professional SMT factory will introduce the inspection process of SMT processing.


In each "step manufacturing process" of SMT, it is very important to prevent various defects and unqualified hidden dangers from flowing into the next process through effective detection means. Therefore, "detection" is also an indispensable means of process control. The SMT patch processing plant includes inspections for incoming materials, process inspections and surface mount panels, antistatic gloves and PU coated gloves.


Quality problems found in process inspections can be corrected by rework. The rework costs of non-conforming products found after feed inspection, solder paste printing and pre-weld inspection are relatively low, and the impact on electronic product reliability is relatively small. However, the rework of unqualified products after welding is very different, because in addition to the time required for work, materials, and possible damage to parts and printed boards, rework after soldering needs to be re-welded after desoldering.

Because some components are irreversible, such as the need to fill the Flip chip at the bottom, and BGA, CSP need to re-ball after rework, repair embedded technology, multi-chip stacking, etc. are more difficult, so the rework loss after welding is more wear and tear Antistatic gloves and PU coated gloves.


It can be seen that the process inspection, especially the previous several process inspections, can reduce the defect rate and the scrap rate, can reduce the rework/rework cost, and prevent the quality hazard analysis of the source through the defect as early as possible.

The final inspection of the surface mount board is equally important. How to ensure that qualified and reliable products are delivered to users is the key to winning market competition. There are many projects that need to be tested, including visual inspection, component location, model, polarity testing, solder joint inspection, electrical performance and reliability testing.

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