What Is The Difference Between PCBA And PCB?

Regarding the difference between PCB and PCBA, even professionals who have been in the electronics industry for many years cannot give accurate answers. Many people will confuse their ideas.

Firstly, about PCB PCB Chinese name is printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit board and printed circuit board. It is an important electronic component, support for electronic components, and an electrical connection provider for electronic components. Because it is made by electronic printing, it is called a "printing" circuit board.

Second, regarding PCBA PCBA refers to the assembly of various electronic devices on the circuit board through the surface packaging process. Next is the box assembly, which assembles the assembled PCB with the outer casing to form the finished product. That is to say, the entire process of the PCB blank board passing through the upper part of the SMT and then passing through the DIP plug-in is called PCBA. This is a common method in China. The standard writing method in Europe and the United States is PCB'A, which adds a tilt point. PCBA is a PCB with film attached.

Third, the difference between PCB and PCBA

1. Conceptually: PCB refers to the circuit board, while PCBA refers to the circuit board plug-in component, SMT process.

2. Difference: PCB and PCBA are finished boards, one is bare board, PCB (printed version)

The board) is called a "printed circuit board" and is made of a glass epoxy resin material. It is divided into 4, 6 and 8 layers depending on the number of signal layers. More commonly, 4 or 6 layers are used. A patch component such as a chip is attached to the PCB. PCBA can be understood as a completed board, and PCBA can only be calculated after processing on the board is completed. 3. In the process: the entire process of the PCB blank board passing through the upper part of the SMT, and then through the DIP plug-in, called PCBA. PCBs typically have a conductive pattern on the insulating material that is designed as a printed circuit, printed component, or a combination of both, and is referred to as a printed circuit. A conductive pattern that provides an electrical connection between components on an insulative substrate is referred to as a printed circuit. Thus, a finished board of printed circuit or printed circuit is referred to as a printed circuit board, also referred to as a printed circuit board or printed circuit board.

Fourth, how to choose PCB manufacturers 1. The factory's own hardware implementation meets foreign standards: Today, PCBs are so powerful, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, as we all know, Japanese and German equipment is very expensive, so it raises the threshold supplier, ordinary companies can not this way. 2. The company's social responsibility is in line with foreign standards: Now, if you cooperate with foreign customers, the larger company will require social responsibility audit, which means the working environment, salary level, working hours, wastewater treatment, employees provided by your company. Welfare and so on need to meet international standards, so ordinary small businesses can't do it. 3. The company's financial strength is strong: companies with strong financial resources can support the development of high-precision products. HDI's laser drilling equipment 1000W, ordinary mechanical drilling 100-200W, no financial support, the factory has no development prospects.

The market is mixed, how to find a suitable and reliable supplier? The stability of PCB quality is king. Experts who know PCBs know the difference in the price and quality of chemical metals. The use of these chemical metals directly affects the performance and time of the product. In general, the use of chemical gold is half a year. The use of copper is one year and the price is very far. PCBs should not only be cheap, but stable quality will bring long-term orders.

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