What Is The Meaning Of Your PCBC Processing Plant That Publishes IQC?

The English full name of IQC is Incoming Quality Control, abbreviated as Chinese IQC, which means incoming quality control and inspection.

At present, the focus of IQC is on the quality inspection of the feed and checking the quality control of the feed. IQC's work direction shifts from passive inspection to active control, advances quality control, identifies cutting-edge quality issues, reduces quality costs, achieves effective control, and combines supplier product information and materials with internal inspection standards. Inspect and assist suppliers to improve internal quality control. Some companies will set up IQC work in the required parts, especially for our new electronics, as the most powerful PCBA manufacturer in Shenzhen. Whether in the IQO purchase inspection or IPQC inspection, we always adhere to the "three no principles", so as not to accept bad, not bad, not bad, to ensure product quality.