What Is The Value Of Smart PCB Manufacturing?

Whether it is Germany ’s Industry 4.0, the US ’s Industrial Internet, or China ’s China Intelligent Manufacturing 2025, the core of which is intelligent manufacturing. Why are countries all over the world stepping up the pace of manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading to intelligent manufacturing? There is no doubt that intelligent manufacturing can truly bring value to production enterprises, thereby enhancing the country's comprehensive national strength. Which country is faster, it means which country's economic growth will be faster.

What value does intelligent manufacturing bring to PCB companies? The Internet of Things plays a key role in the intelligent manufacturing value chain. Using the Internet of Things technology, it is possible to collect first-line data information such as control parts, production parts, and automated production lines in manufacturing factories, so that factory managers can make more intelligent based on data Decision-making, thus forming popular concepts such as smart factories and smart manufacturing.

Of course, in this process, industrial machine technology and upper-level industrial software technology also contributed. In addition, the Internet of Things can be connected to the supply chain and demand chain of the manufacturing company's factory at the same time by combining with the Internet. Managers or operators can adjust the factory's production plan in time to achieve flexible manufacturing according to the changing needs of the external environment. Finally, the factory's responsiveness and production efficiency will be improved, the full life cycle of the product will be shortened, the utilization rate of assets will be increased, and the risk of waste of resources will be reduced. This is the value brought by intelligent manufacturing.

Flexible production not only allows the workshop to switch production activities of different models and different types of products at any time, but also allows the production process to be arranged from top to bottom according to customer orders. At present, this flexible production has been manufactured in some automotive production, electronics production lines, etc. The company's factory landed.