What Kind Of PCB Board Can We Make

What kind of PCB board can we make

Product categories:

FR4: Double-sided and multilayer board (up to 24 layers)

Thick copper plating board: the biggest thickness of the outer copper is 15oz,inner copper thickness is 12oz

Thick gold plating board: the biggest thickness of the gold is 150u’

Metal base printed board:Aluminum base printed board, Copper base printed board,Iron base printed board, FR4 or Metal mixing laminateRigid-Flexible PCB,up to 10 layers Rigid-Flexible PCB

High frequency board: Rogers series, isola series

Ceramic substrate PCB: Alumina ceramic PCB, Aluminum nitride ceramics PCB, Single-sides and double-sided ceramic PCB

Blind buried vias PCB: First order blind buried,2 order blind buried,3 order blind buried,10 layers of any interconnection blind buried

Other special circuit boards: aluminum foil FPC, large size circuit board.

Special technical :

The technical of nickel palladium gold, thick copper and thick gold

Resin plug hole technical

Silver pulp and copper pulp irrigation technical.


 Technical ability




1-24 layers


FR4TG150TG170, TG180, High frequency material, Ceramic material, Metal base material,Rigid-Flexible material



Maximum single size


The thickness of copper

the biggest thickness of the outer copper is 15oz,inner copper thickness is 12oz


Minimum hole diameter


Handling hole

Blind hole,buried hole,half hole,resin plug hole,sunk head hole, silver paste irrigation hole,copper pulp irrigation hole

the maximum thickness of copper


The depth ratio of hole diameter


Minimum line width and line spacing

Sample 3/3Mil,mass production 3.5/3.5Mil

Line width tolerance


Minimum BGA ball


The minimum spacing of BGA to line


Minimum spacing between BGA and PAD


Solder Mask dam


The distance of inner hole to line

4 layers board 6mil,6/8 layers board 8MIL

warped degrees


Impedance control


The test process

Rack test and flying needle test

Surface technical

Tin spray with lead, Tin spray without lead,Sink tin, Sink silver, Sink gold,Sink nickel palladium gold,Electric flexible gold,Electric rigid gold, gold finger, antioxidant

Gold thickness


Thickness of spray tin


Resistance welding color

Green,White,Black, Yellow,Red

The order of blind buried holes

First order blind buried,2 order blind buried,3 order blind buried 

One-time electrical test direct pass rate

>99.5%(single-side board)>98.5%( double-side board)>97%(4 layers board)>95%( 6 layers board)>93.5%( 8 layers board)

Scrap rate

0.5%(single-side board),0.8%double-side board),2%4 layers board,3%(6 layers board)4-5%8 layers board and above


Multilayer metal base board, aluminum foil FPC


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