What's The Advantage Of XD PCB Assembly Service?

Our Advantage for PCB Assembly Service

1.A-class PCB

We produce PCB/PCBA over 10 years. We learned about the PCBA market in Chinese. For PCB, In chinese market the pcb field is very competitive. So  the price is barely open, the price won't have big difference with the same quality. And we use A/B class material for you, which is normal class in our factory and the quality is very good and 100% guaranteed. But there is also .D.E.F class material in china, but we never use it.

2. Original&new components

Regarding the components and assembly, we will use original and new components. There is no second-hand and

   fake components. So different components have big difference in price. If we use replaced material made in China, we will confirm it from you. And the  replacement is not main control component, so there is no effect on function and structure. Besides, all replaced materials are purchased from offical agent with Microchip License. There is no problem of purchase channel.

3. Professional Sales Team and rich experience on foreign PCBA market

Xingda's team members have different working backgrounds such as the production technology of PCB assembly, the technology of  assembly, the metal and injection technology and the technology of silicon cutting packaging. Our PCB assembly for electronic production is related to various of field such as: medical treatment, aviation field, industries, consume electronics, etc. ROHS requirements and Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI) are totally controlled on our hands as customers' requirements when you need this.

We have strict quality system: E-test, IQC, AOI, function test and so on. The quality has been 100% guaranteed, and high quality is always pursuit of our company, the delivery is on time and our team is professional. Our products have stood the competition in the market. I believe that our stable quality and reasonable price will satisfiy your company.

What's more, we have a special after-sales service technology team. They go through professional training. They will do their best to serve you at any time if you have any quality or technology problems.

4. Provide free samples& free Function Test Service

If customers need PCBA samples, we can provide free samples with them before mass production. Besides,  samples will be produced by machine, not by hand. All product process will achieve machine loading. If you need to test your printed circuit board assembly, we will help you to test after you send test data to us.

5. Advanced PCB Assembly Equipment


· Reflow Oven: FolunGwin FL-RX860

· Wave Soldering Machine: FolunGwin ADS300

· Automated Optical Inspection (AOI): Aleader ALD-H-350B

XD can provide One-top PCB assembly service. Welcome to send us inquiry or directly contact with us online.