Why Choose Xin Da Xing Electric Tech Co.,Ltd?

Why choose Xin Da Xing PCBA?

1.Our PCBA strength: 

We are professional OEM printed circuit board assembly manufacturer and we have own production department.We could provide you from pcb,components assembly to quality control one-stop service.We have a professional component purchasing team, which is faced to global customers.So we have a good purchasing channels and a large amount of resoure, which will greatly reduce the procurement time for your components and procurement costs.

2. PCBA Price: 

Our offer is based on the customer's Gerber and bomlist on the components of the offer. You can also tell us the target price. We will re-calculate the cost and try to reach your satisfaction with the price. If you have your own SMT partner, we recommend that you can inquire from us and compare it with your supplier. This will help you choose a pcb assembly supplier that is more suitable for your project.

3.Quality assurance: 

Our materials are original and imported. Each of the production processes have a special quality control. Products have a special UL, RoHs certificate. After the board is finished, we usually check the goods according to the customer's request.

4.Delivery time: 

PCBA offer time is generally 2-3 working days (with special components or EQ excluded).The sample delivery is generally 15 working days, batch delivery is generally 20-28 working days. All the boards are packed in a standard way to ensure that the board is intact to reach the customer's hands. We have their own cooperation freight forwarding and goods can be timely delivery. If the customer has a freight forwarding, we will also cooperate with the customer's freight forwarding.

5.After-sales service:

 We have a professional after-sales service team, that have been professional training. If you have any quality or technical problems, you could ask them. They will respond in a timely manner and help you solve the problem.