Why Is The Measurement Of The Forehead Infrared Thermometer Can Inaccurate?

The forehead infrared thermometer is an electronic product, which is greatly affected by the ambient temperature, but it has many advantages such as ease of use, simple and fast, non-contact to avoid cross infection, etc. It is loved and used by many people. Some people will feel that the forehead infrared thermometer is inaccurate during use. What factors will cause the forehead infrared thermometer to be inaccurate?

1. The ambient temperature is too low / high

The working environment of the forehead infrared thermometer is generally between 16-35 ℃. Below 16 ℃ or above 35 ℃, the product will not work properly.

2. Incorrect temperature measurement mode setting

Some forehead infrared thermometers have body temperature mode, object temperature mode, and room temperature mode. When measuring body temperature, you must ensure that the forehead infrared thermometer is in body temperature mode before using it, otherwise it will cause deviations in the measurement results.

3. Incorrect measurement method

The measurement position of the forehead infrared thermometer is the midpoint of the measured object from the center of the eyebrow to the hairline (also called the frontal center). The measurement distance must meet the requirements of the instruction manual. Occlusion. If it is not used in accordance with the operating instructions in the manual, it will cause deviations in the measurement results.

4. The measurement position is wrong

The forehead infrared thermometer is generally used to measure the forehead indoors. When the outdoor temperature is low and windy, it is necessary to measure the neck, wrists and other parts covered with clothes.

5. The environment temperature difference of the measured object is large

The environment where the measured object is located will affect the reading. For example, warm air in the car for a long time, low temperature outdoor environment for a long time, or violent exercise may cause the surface temperature of the forehead to be temporarily high or low. In this case, it is recommended that the measured object should wait for the body temperature to balance before measuring, such as turning off the car heating when it reaches the temperature measurement point, or getting off the car at the temperature measurement point to measure. After strenuous exercise, you should rest and adjust for a few minutes before taking measurements.