Xiamen Will Launch 60 Sets Of Smart Street Lamps In May!

Walking in the streets, the city lights can be seen everywhere. In most people's eyes, street lamps mainly play the role of night lighting. In fact, it also has a lot of "hidden" functions: not only can charge electric cars, can provide wi-fi hot spots, monitoring environmental information, but also security monitoring, in the event of an accident to achieve a key emergency alarm...

It is reported that at the end of may this year, 60 multifunctional street lamps with 5G function will be put into use in Zhongshan road, Tongan district, Xiamen city.

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The monitoring system helps save energy on street lamps


As an integral part of urban public infrastructure, urban street lamps cover a wide range of areas. Generally speaking, if there are abnormal conditions such as power leakage, theft of street lamps and cables, and tilt of lamp poles, it is often difficult to deal with them in a timely and effective manner, and street lamp management is extensive.


Nowadays, the intelligent lighting monitoring system of street lamps has been put into use to varying degrees in all districts of the city. After being transformed into a smart lighting monitoring system, it can realize functions such as remote switching on and off lights, automatic fault alarm, and on-demand lighting, with an energy saving rate of over 70%, effectively improving the fine management level of urban street lamps.


In addition, the reporter also learned that xiamen tongan district currently has a total of 5000 street lights using the intelligent lighting monitoring system, to solve many management problems.

Take "moranti" typhoon that hit xiamen in 2016 as an example. At that time, the typhoon caused a lot of damage to the street lamps in tongan district. Normally, problems such as power leakage of cables and tilt of lamp poles would take a lot of time to be counted. The improved intelligent lighting monitoring system can count all street lamps with abnormal conditions in a few minutes, and realize the lamp position fixed point, convenient for effective and rapid maintenance and management.


Sixty smart street lamps will be put into use in May


Do street lamps only serve the function of lighting at night? Of course not. Smart street lamps will tell you that in addition to lighting, city street lamps also have multifunctional reuse, which can realize information sharing.


It is worth mentioning that at the end of may, 60 smart street lamps will be put into use in zhongshan road, tongan district, which is also the first time for smart street lamps to be put into use in fujian. Moreover, this batch of smart street lamps will be equipped with 5G base stations, which can achieve 5G coverage.


According to the introduction, the smart street lamp will be integrated with PLC, wireless wi-fi and other technologies, including smart lighting, smart monitoring, smart sensing, smart charging, smart alarm and other functions.


It can not only monitor PM2.5, radiation, temperature, wind speed, rainfall and other environmental sensor information in real time, provide real-time monitoring of environmental parameters, but also can install security monitoring system, real-time monitoring, face recognition and flow monitoring, location tracking; In addition, it can also connect to wi-fi hotspots, broadcast weather, traffic, news and other important information through LED screens, and provide paid charging for electric cars, one-click emergency alarm and other functions.