Xpedition PCB Design Platform Makes DAIKIN Work More Efficiently

Mentor, a Siemens business, announced that DAIKIN, one of the world's leading air-conditioning manufacturers, has selected Mentor's Xpedition® Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design flow software as its global design environment.

Although DAIKIN has a mature PCB design process, the company needs to share CAD libraries and design data with its geographically dispersed offices to improve design efficiency and quality. To address this need, the company evaluated Mentor's Xpedition design process and chose it for its powerful integrated data management and collaboration capabilities. Xpedition data management solutions enable efficient design collaboration and project management within a single environment, reducing design cycles and costs.

"We want a PCB design solution that can increase the efficiency and productivity of our global operations," said Masafumi Hashimoto, leader of the equipment technology group at DAIKIN's Air Conditioning Manufacturing Division. Many functions. Through cooperation with Mentor's domestic development base, we can smoothly transition from the existing CAD system to the new system. Mentor's Xpedition solution provides a scalable, seamless and reliable global data management system, Helps shorten design cycles and improve product quality. "

DAIKIN's refrigeration and heating products are sold in more than 150 countries around the world, with development bases in many regions around the world. The company sought a solution that could easily migrate from an existing CAD system to a new system, as CAD systems were unable to provide performance capabilities for their global design development. DAIKIN chose Mentor's Xpedition process to achieve a parallel design process across multiple regions. In addition, the company hopes to achieve Web-based collaboration using shared libraries through a unified digital design data management solution. The Xpedition process also helps to significantly reduce manual processes, enabling the DAIKIN team to perform custom functions, increasing productivity, shortening product development cycles, and improving product design.

"We are committed to developing innovative technologies that create a competitive advantage for our customers. We are proud that DAIKIN chose our Xpedition solution because existing CAD tools cannot meet their specific needs," said Mentor EDA Electronic Board System Senior AJ Incorvaia, Vice President, said, "Adopting the Xpedition process globally will help DAIKIN achieve a stable return on investment, which will increase productivity, improve product design, and reduce time to market."