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Xing DA Electric, one of the best manufacturers and suppliers in China, now brings you high-tech china high quality hdi pcb circuit board at competitive price from its professional factory. With the most advanced technology and high-end equipment introduced from America and Japan, as well as qualified staff, we can assure you the high quality, high precision and long lifespan of our products.


HDI PCB is also widely used in a variety of other consumer products, such as game consoles and MP3, mobile phones, etc.

Advantages of HDI PCB Circuit Board

HDI PCB is defined as a PCB with a higher wiring density per unit area than conventional PCB. They have finer lines and spaces, smaller vias and capture pads and higher connection pad density than employed in conventional PCB technology. HDI PCB is used to reduce size and weight, as well as to enhance electrical performance of the device. HDI PCB is made through Microvia and buried vias and sequential lamination with insulation materials and conductor wiring for higher density of routing. HDI PCB is the best alternative to high layer-countand expensive standard laminate or sequentially laminated boards.

Our HDI PCB Circuit Board

Quotation Requirement
Following specifications are needed for quotation:
A) Base material:
B) Board thickness:
C) Copper thickness
D) Surface treatment:
E) color of solder mask and silkscreen:
F) Quantity

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