Ceiling Fan Pcb Board

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Layers: 1-38 layers

Max. Thickness: 394mil (10mm)

Material: FR-4 (Standard FR4, Mid-Tg FR4, High TG FR4, Lead free assembly material), Halogen-Free, Ceramic filled ,Teflon, Polyimide , BT, PPO, PPE, Hybrid, Partial hybrid, etc.

Min. Width/Spacing: Inner layer: 3mil/3mil (0.5OZ), Outer layer: 4mil/4mil(1OZ)

Max. Copper Thickness: UL certificated: 6OZ / Pilot run: 12OZ

Min. Hole Size: Mechanical drill: 8mil(0.2mm) / Laser drill: 3mil(0.075mm)

Max. Panel Size: 1150mmx560mm

Aspect Ratio: 18:1

Surface Finish: HASL lead free,Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin, OSP, ENIG + OSP, Immersion Silver, ENEPIG, Gold Finger

Special Process

Buried Hole, Blind Hole, Embedded Resistance, Embedded Capacity, Hybrid, Partial hybrid, Partial high density, Back drilling and Resistance control.


1.Strict incoming material inspection control and management.

2.PCB will be baked in the oven machine in advance.

3.Fully automatic, high precision SMT and test equipment.

4.Comprehensive testing include AOI,X-Ray,ICT,software burning according to different PCBAs.

5.Strict quality management system.

6.From now on, we can provide turnkey services included PCB manufacturing,Components sourcing and PCB assembly. With professional/fast engineering suggestion, BOM list managements,very competitive price options plus assured high quality and after-sales support with trace-ability!


How to choose a Ceiling fan pcb board?

First, choose a reasonable wire width. The impact interference caused by the transient current on the printed circuit board PCB line is mainly caused by the inductance component of the printed wire, so the inductance of the printed wire should be minimized.

Second, the use of the correct routing strategy using equal routing can reduce the wire inductance, but the mutual inductance and distributed capacitance between the wires increase, if the layout allows, the use of a well-shaped mesh wiring structure, the specific approach is one side of the printed circuit board, The other side is longitudinally routed and then joined at the intersection holes with metallized holes.

Third, in order to suppress the crosstalk between the PCB circuit board wires, when designing the wiring, try to avoid the equal distance of the long distance, and try to open the distance between the line and the line as much as possible. The signal line and the ground line and the power line are as far as possible. cross. A grounded trace is placed between some signal lines that are very sensitive to interference, which effectively suppresses crosstalk.


1.PCB Assembly for mass production, daily capability is 150000pcs of PCBAs.

2.PCBA prototype samples quick making within 2-3 weeks.

3.Professional engineers team for PCB Layout, PCB Design.

4.Electronic Finished Products Assembly.

5.PCBA Housing assembly service

6..IC program with HEX file.

Quality process:

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