FR4 ENIG Temperature Controller Double-sided PCB

FR4 ENIG Temperature Controller Double-sided PCB
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Temperature control is a process in which change of temperature of a space (and objects collectively there within), or of a substance, is measured or otherwise detected, and the passage of heat energy into or out of the space or substance is adjusted to achieve a desired temperature.

Air-conditioners, space-heaters, refrigerators, water-heaters, etc. are examples of devices that perform temperature control. These are often broadly classified as Thermostatically Controlled Loads (TCLs).

Control loops
A home thermostat is an example of a closed control loop: It constantly measures the current room temperature and compares this to a desired user-defined set point and controls a heater and/or air conditioner to increase or decrease the temperature to meet the desired set point. A simple (low-cost, cheap) thermostat merely switches the heater or air conditioner either on or off, and temporary overshoot and undershoot of the desired average temperature must be expected. A more expensive thermostat varies the amount of heat or cooling provided by the heater or cooler, depending on the difference between the required temperature (the "setpoint") and the actual temperature. This minimizes over/undershoot. This method is called Proportional control. Further enhancements using the accumulated error signal (Integral) and the rate at which the error is changing (Derivative) are used to form more complex PID Controllers which is the form usually seen in industry.

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