FR4 HASL Acceptor Double Sided PCB

FR4 HASL Acceptor Double Sided PCB
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We can produce Double Sided PCB for acceptor, including PCB design, PCB copy, PCB drawing, PCB assembly and so on, can also provide sourcing components, PCB design, PCB copy, PCB drawing, PCB assembly and so on. After tested our pcb prototypes, you will be satisfied with our boards, and then you can start your batch. If you need PCB, you can conatct with me at any time. We will be glad to serve you.


Double sided have panel wiring on both sides. 
However, to use the wire of the both sides, must have proper circuit connected between them.
This bridge between the circuit is called guide hole (via). 
Guide hole is full of or coated metal on the PCB, it can be connected to the wire on both sides.
Because the double sided PCB's area is twice of the single sided, and wires can be interleaved with each other (connected around the other side), it is more suitable for complex circuit than single sided PCB.


Our Services

1. Electronic PCB manuacture and assembly OEM/ODM

Including Engineering, layout, programming,protyping, components sourcing, surface-mount assembly,through-hole assembly,inspection, test

2. Finished product manufacture: electronic PCBA part+housing+package...

Including plastic part, molding enclosure,metal processing,packages, etc. 

3. Guarantee Period of Product and After-sale Service

1) Define warranty periold in the contract.

2) Within the warranty period, free maintenance or replacement of parts for the products,if any quality problem.

3) Beyond the warranty period ,charge for maintenance material only.

4) If products can not be mantained any more,we dispose the waste reasonablly, do not pollute the environment is very important!



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