FR4 HASL Car Accessories Two Layers PCB

FR4 HASL Car Accessories Two Layers PCB
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FR4 HASL Car Accessories Two Layers PCB


Xing DA are experienced in producing OEM pcb boards for car accessories. Car accessories need professional technology and top quality base materials. This double layers board use traditional common Fr4 material, red solder mask, and HASL surface finish technology. the development of next-generation products require high frequency board, satellite systems, mobile phone base stations and other communications products received must be applied to high-frequency circuit boards, and the inevitable rapid development in the coming years, will be a large demand for high-frequency board.


FR - 4 epoxy glass fiber cloth substrate, based on epoxy resin as binder, with electronic level glass fiber cloth as reinforcing material of substrate. Its bonding sheet and thin copper-clad r.p. panel and inner core is an important base material in production of multilayer printed circuit board,This kind of product is mainly used for double-sided PCB, dosage is very large. Epoxy glass fiber cloth substrate, the most widely used model for FR - 4, in recent years because of the electronic product installation technology and PCB technology development needs, appeared high Tg FR - 4 products.



Board thickness:1.6mm

Copper thickness: 70um

Solder mask:Res

Surface finish:HASL-lead free

Typical Application


  • Telephone,Computer,communication device

  • Circuit Control

  • electric cooker

  • LED Lighting