HASL Double-Sided Range Hood PCB

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Product Details

Incoming Material Quality Control:
All materials have to be inspected before warehousing. We established a series of strict inspection
procedure and instruction to control the incoming materials. Furthermore, various precise
inspecting instruments and apparatus guarantee the capability to judge the material good or not.
We issue material with first in first out principle, and give out "alarm" for the material that will reach
the shelf life to ensure the materials are used up before expiry.

Making, audit and control of manufacturing data:
When customers' design data and specifications are provided to our market department, Bicheng
has to verify all the requirements. Then, convert the design data into manufacturing data by CAM.
Finally, a manufacturing instruction (MI) is generated according to the real manufacturing process
and technologies for manufacturing department as the basis for actual fabrication. MI must be
reviewed by independent engineers and QA engineers before issue.

Contract Evaluation:
XingDa shall review and verify customer's requirements to make sure that we have the capability
to satisfy customers' requirements including specifications, delivery and other demands prior to accepting an order.

Quality Policy:
XingDa has developed series of management procedures and approaches to assure that PCBs are in compliance with the customers' requirements, inclusive of selection of the vendors, work in progress (WIP) inspection, outgoing delivery inspection and customer service etc.

Our different PCBs:

HASL Double-Sided Range Hood PCB Hole mechanism:
The drill bit is first punched on the copper-clad board, and then electrolessly plated with copper to form a plated through hole. Both play a vital role in hole metallization.