Rogers ENIG Antenna Double Layers PCB Board

Rogers ENIG Antenna Double Layers PCB Board
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Double layers Antenna pcb boards are very popular and hot sale now. This double sided antenna pcb uses Rogers material and ENIG surface finish technology. Double layers pcb boards are very common in the field of pcb market. And we strive to produce 100% quality board for all customers.


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Basic material:Mid-Tg,FR4,High-Tg FR4,PTFE,Rogers,Low DK/DF,Alu Material etc

Solder mask color:Green,red,blue,white,yellow,purple,black,gray,orange,matt green.

Legend color:White,yellow,black,red.

Surface treatment type:ENIG,Immersion tin,HASL,HASL-LF,OSP,Plating Ni/Au,Gold finger,Immersion silver,Plating soft Au,Selective plating gold.

Max.layer-up(L):64 layer

Max.pnl size(finished):1496mm*620mm

Board thickness:0.3-12mm

Line wide/space:0.075/0.075mm for 1/2OZ base copper

Back drill capability:yes

Press fit holes:yes

Max.finished copper thickness:Outer Layer:420(12oz);Inner Layer:210(6oz)

Impedance control:yes

Fire flame class:ru,94v-0,rohs,94v0,94vo

Quality control:

quality control

PCB Main Equipment:


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- We are certified with: ISO9001 and ROSH if required.

- We purchase material from Original Company and distributers.

- We make products by strict engineer processes.

- We have strict inspection processes.

- We send products by antistatic package and carton box.

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