Rogers ENIG Potential Transformer Double Layers PCB Circuit Board

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Product Details

Specifications of PCB:


Double layers PCB



FR-4, FR1,FR2; CEM-1, CEM-3,Rogers, Teflon,Arlon,Aluminum

Base, Copper Base,Ceramic, Crockery, etc.

Copper Thickness

1/2 oz min; 12oz max

Finish Board Thickness

0.2 mm-6.00mm(8mil -126mil)Surface Finish

Surface Treatment

Solder Mask(black, green, white, red, blue, thickness>=12um, Block,


Silkscreen(black, yellow, white)

Peel able-mask(red, blue, thickness>=300um)

Surface Finish

Gold finger, Immersion Gold, Plating




Conductor Width(W)

+/-0.05mm(2mil) or +/-20% of original

Hole Diameter(H)


Non PTHL:+/-0.05mm(2mil)



Panel Size

110 x 100mm(min)

660 x 600mm(max)

Min Trace Width & Line Spacing

0.075mm /0.075mm (3mil/3mil)

Min Hole Diameter for CNC Drilling


Min Hole Diameter for Punching


Hole Position

+/-0.075mm(3mil) CNC Drilling

Test Voltage


Layer-layer misregistration

4 layers:0.15mm(6mil)max

6 layers:0.25mm(10mil)max

Use PCB Prototype service when you want:

  • •Boards for design review or preproduction quality testing - Our PCB prototype service is the perfect way to make sure there are no errors in your design before moving into mass production.

  • • Rapid PCB turnaround - Rapid PCB prototyping means you get your boards fast.

  • • Boards with eight or fewer layers - Because we are trying to get your boards back to you as fast as possible, we offer rapid PCB prototyping for boards with no more than eight layers.

  • • FR-4 boards - Your printed circuit board prototype will come on standard FR-4 material.

  • • Quality standard IPC1 boards

Use Standard PCB service if you need:

  • • Boards for full production - Once you know that your design works, you can contact us for standard PCB service for full production for use in your applications.

  • • Slightly longer turnaround time - Since these are the boards you will actually be using, it takes a little longer to make sure we get everything just right. However, now that you have tested the design, you can go right into your projects once you get your boards.

  • • Boards with up to 9-32 layers - We have much more flexibility with materials and layers once we have the time to develop your full boards.

  • • FR-4, aluminum, flex or other types of boards

  • • Quality standard IPC2 boards


Mobile Telephone, Point to Point Microwave Transceivers, Radio frequency (RF) system,Police/ Fire/ Rescue Radios, Communicating and non-communicating HVAC control products, Digital Network Equipment, SatCom transceivers, Sound and Vision Broadcasting, Commercial and Private Aircraft Radios and Instrumentation, Transformer, Broadcasting & Cable TV, Cell Telephone Relay Stations, television and mobile multimedia transmission, CB Radio/2 Way Walkie Talkies,Radars, Military Communications, NNetwork Analyzers, Ohm Meters, Temperature meters, Strain Gauges, Environmental Chambers and Ovens, Spectrum Analyzers, Military grade Computers with encryption, Fire Control circuits, Satellite Navigation instrumentation, Encrypted Frequency Hopping VHF Radios, Direction Finding Equipment, Missile Guidance Systems, FLIR Pod Test equipment ect.

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1.What is your minimum order quantity?

We have no limitation on MOQ, prototype, medium volume and large volume are all acceptable.

2.What is your experience?

We are OEM on PCB boards with experience over 10 years.

3.What is your Lead time?

Lead time is usually punctual here, for some special situation, we can also advise customer in advance to avoid any loss at customer side.

4.What is your testing policy and how you control the quality?

For sample, usually tested by flying probe; for PCB Volume over 3 square meters, usually tested by fixture, this will be more faster. Due to there’s many steps to PCB production, we usually do inspection after every step.

5.What is your certificate?

ISO9001, ISO14001, UL, ROHS report. We can provide the report of raw material based on customer’s requirement.

6.What is your package?

With Inner vacuum package and out carton.

7.PCB shipment?

This is depend on customer, sometimes we ship through our forwarder, who is also the agency of DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS and so on. Our forwarder can provide too much better freight cost than we get directly from those express enterprise.

8.What is your produce ability?

Our ability is average 40,000 square meters per month.


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