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At Xing Da we offer a large variety of colours for our solder masks. One of the most unique colours we offer is the Black Solder Mask. The colour black is known for being less reflective than other options, thus a PCB that uses black solder mask will not reflect light, and this is great for boards that are used as displays. 

However, the black solder mask actually absorbs more heat than normal during reflow. Thereby adding an extra days turn time to our fabrication process when black solder mask is used. Although the silkscreen contrasts very well with a black solder mask the contrast between traces, empty spaces, and planes is almost non-existent. This makes the visual inspection of the boards more difficult than usual and requires extra care. Xing Da Electronics offers Black LPI Solder Masks in both matte and gloss options.


1, Max layer: 64 layers

2, Max. Board size: 1500mm8560mm (59in*22in)

3, Finished board thickness: 0.2~6.0mm

4, Copper foil thickness: 35um~240um (1OZ~7OZ)

5, Remain thickness tolerance after V-CUT:+/-0.1mm

6, Hole position tolerance:+/-0.076mm

7. Surface finish: Black



1. PCB fab+Assembly quick turn

2. No minimum order Even 1pcs

3. Products quality warranty

4. High quality and low price

5. Certified quality standards

6. Reliable PCB manufacturing

7. Turnkey PCB assembly



Black Fr4 PCB material has good punching performance and excellent machine ability. It is used by lot of electrical devices as below:




automotive circuits

LED industry, etc



1. On-time delivery;Quick response;professionally technical support within 24hours;

Perfect management system and produce satisfactory products;

2. Fully automatic PCB advanced equipment

3. AOI optical scanning+testing, quality assurance

4.Pre - market after - sales service.


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mobile phone:+86-13420550989
Skype: live:sales5_2129


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