Fr2 HASL Measuring Device 4 Layers PCB Board

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Fr2 HASL Measuring Device 4 Layers PCB Board 

 (Shenzhen) XDX Electronics & Technology Co., Limited has a professional technical team with 10 years of experience in PCB manufacturing,constantly enhance the level of PCB technology and production capacity. As a PCB supplier, KLS is not only offering one-stop service as PCB design, PCB production, and PCB Assembly, but also taking great advantages on prompt delivery time and competitive price with no quality compromise. 


1.If you have repeat orders from other suppliers, and you want to transfer to Intech, we can accept FREE OF TOOLING. 
2.Except excellent quality and professional service, we also pay every detail for our customers, for example package to use Desiccant packs & moisture indicator in vacuum-sealed pack to protect PCB. 
3. Material: We have FR4 TG135/TG158/TG180 normal material in stock, also have FR1/ FR2/ FR3/ CEM1/ CEM3/ ROGERS/ ARLON/ ISOLA. 
4.Rigid / flex/ flex-rigid PCBs with UL approved. 
5. Flexible,quickly feedback for customers always. 
6.Quickly offer will be less then 4 hours, Some top urgent inquiry we can offer within 1hour.


Our products are widely used in automotive electronics,industrial control,power supply,medical device,LED,security,aerospace,IOT,GPS tracking device and so on.


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