FR4 HASL Commercial Elevator 4 Layers PCB

FR4 HASL Commercial Elevator 4 Layers PCB
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FR4 HASL Commercial Elevator 4 layers PCB 


Xing DA has been produced many commercial Elevator pcb boards for customers. Commercial Elevator boards need professional technology and top quality base materials. This 4 layers board use traditional common Fr4 material and HASL surface finish technology. The four layers Commercial Elevator PCB has long working lifespan and high performance. Welcome to contact us for more details.

F (for flame) and R (for retardancies) and the 4 is a 4 epoxy.FR4 is a glass fiber epoxy laminate.FR4 is the Main material for PCB manufacture, it is the excellent quality and reasonable price material
FR-4 is widely used for single and multilayer boards, which has excellent thermal tolerance as much as 130°C. Now this type material FR-4 is more widely manufactured, but the hence is less costly.

>Glass-reinforced hydrocarbon and ceramic dielectric
>Excellent high frequency performance due to low dielectric tolerance and loss
>Stable electrical properties versus frequency
>Low Z-axis expansion and excellent dimensional stability

layer: multilayer
material: fr4
Tg value: tg135-tg180
board thickness:1.6mm
copper thickness:.1.5oz
surface treatment:Hasl lead free+gold finger
About us:
With 900workers,full-process equippted(including lamination.imersion Gold),we make 1~24layers board in guaranteed quality.
Special Advantage: High frequency board-rogers,ITEQ,board thickness 0.2~7.0mm,copper thickness 1/3~8oz are available )