Fr4 HASL Height And Weight Measurement 6 Layers PCB Board

Fr4 HASL Height And Weight Measurement 6 Layers PCB Board
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Four Layer FR4 PCBs for High density Electronic Applications

Industries like communication, healthcare, automotive, and consumer electronics utilize high density electronic products to perform various tasks. These can include MRI machines, dashboard electronics, and commercial laptops.

All these machines require a great amount of power and speed in applications. For these machines to work, you need high density printed circuit boards, which can support the machines. This is where Build a PCB comes in. We specialize in the design and manufacture of custom PCBs for industrial purposes. We provide 4 layered FR4 PCBs to meet the needs of our industrial clients.

Features and Specifications of FR4 PCB

Our FR4 PCBs are designed to provide the right kind of electrical responsiveness in industrial machines. FR4 is a flame retardant material, provides thermal co-efficiency of copper, low water adsorption, and low resistance to heat and chemicals.  
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