Fr4 HASL Height And Weight Measurement 6 Layers PCB Board

Fr4 HASL Height And Weight Measurement 6 Layers PCB Board
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In order to meet the specific requirements of our customers, we have provided them with a series of high quality Weight Measurement PCBs. It is widely used for weighing. Our professional technicians use high quality components and high-end technology to manufacture products that meet the established industry.

Simple specification:

Model Number: GX 12 /16

Brand: Xinda

Material: FR4

Application: Weighing

Fr4 HASL PCB Applications:

Industries like communication, healthcare, automotive, and consumer electronics utilize high density electronic products to perform various tasks. These can include MRI machines, dashboard electronics, and commercial laptops.

Our advantage:

1. Using high-quality PCB imported raw materials to ensure product quality from the source
2. Has a full set of surface treatment equipment to meet the needs of various industries
3. Exquisite craft ability
4. Strict quality control system to effectively protect product performance
Ensure the quality of shipments in strict accordance with IPC standards
5. First-class technical team
10 years focused on technology development

XD Available PCB Function Tests and Services:
1. Visual inspection after SMD Process
Each SMT lines have one QC person to check the SMD solder quality after assembly.This step is visual inspection, here to verify if any parts loss or incorrect parts are used via checking the BOM list.
2. AOI Testing(X-ray Testing for BGA package)


1. What is your transportation?

A: It will depend on your choice. Usually we use DHL, UPS, TNT, etc.

2. How many SMT lines do you have?

A: We have 8 SMT lines, 2 DIP.

3. What are the main products of your PCB/PCBA service?

A: Our PCB/PCBA services are mainly for industries including medical, automotive, communication and optical products.

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mobile phone:+86-18098922617
Skype: xingdapcbsales1