HDI Multilayer PCB and Rigid Circuit Board

Product Details

Specifications of HDI Multilayer PCB and PCB:


FR-4,Fr-2, ect

Copper Thickness

1/2 oz min; 12oz max

Surface Treatment

Solder Mask(black, green, white, red, blue, thickness>=12um, Block,


Silkscreen(black, yellow, white)

Peel able-mask(red, blue, thickness>=300um)

Finish Board Thickness

0.2 mm-6.00mm(8mil -126mil)Surface Finish

Surface Finish

Gold finger, Immersion Gold, Plating




Min Trace Width & Line Spacing

0.075mm /0.075mm (3mil/3mil)

Min Hole Diameter for CNC Drilling


Min Hole Diameter for Punching


Hole Position

+/-0.075mm(3mil) CNC Drilling

Conductor Width(W)

+/-0.05mm(2mil) or +/-20% of original

Hole Diameter(H)


Non PTHL:+/-0.05mm(2mil)



PCB Design Considerations:

HDI PCB design is like a multi-dimensional puzzle. Here are some common design considerations you’ll need to factor into your HDI PCB design:

  • Impedance Control: You’ll want to maintain tight tolerances (within ±10%) on dielectric layer thicknesses, trace widths, and spacings to ensure impedance does not impact signal integrity.

  • EMI/EMC: All those radiation considerations such as avoiding accidental antennas and noise apply, especially because HDI is used for high speed signal designs.

  • Thermal: HDI often lead to improved thermal performance, however you’ll still want to factor in thermal stability of microvias and trace widths in high-speed signal designs.

The need to factor physical, electromagnetic, and thermal considerations into an HDI PCB design adds a lot of complexity to the design process. Fortunately, EDA (electronic design automation) software tools have evolved to make solving multi-dimensional PCB problems easier. 

Multilayer PCB Manufacturing:

The manufacture of high-layer, high-difficulty, special materials, special process circuit boards, which has always been our characteristics; the continuous improvement of high-multi-layer circuit board manufacturing process as our goal. Every year we invest a lot of human resources and material resources in production equipment and process research and development and try our best to catch up with the development of cutting-edge circuit board manufacturing technology.

High-Quality Insurance:

Processing high quality is the essential requirement for every staff

①: We strictly train and test the operation for staff

②: The quality department will check every status for all the board, to ensure the board can meet the quality requirement.

③: Providing all test equipment( like AOI, fly probe machine and all kinds of test machine), so that can ensure and improve the quality checking.

Our Service:

Consumer Driven Technology:

The via-in-pad process supports more technology on fewer layers, proving that bigger is not always better. Since the late 1980's we have seen video cameras using cartridges the size of a novel, shrink to fit in the palm of your hand. Mobile computing and working from home pushed technology further to make computers faster and lighter, allowing the consumer to work remotely from anywhere.

HDI Technology is the leading reason for these transformations. Products do more, weigh less and are physically smaller. Specialty equipment, mini-components and thinner materials have allowed for electronics to shrink in size while expanding technology, quality and speed.


Building Non-Conventional HDI Boards:

Successful manufacturing of HDI PCBs requires special equipment and processes such as laser drills, plugging, laser direct imaging and sequential lamination cycles. HDI boards have thinner lines, tighter spacing and tighter annular ring, and use thinner specialty materials. In order to successfully produce this type of board, it requires additional time and a significant investment in manufacturing processes and equipment.


Rigid PCB Process Flow Chart:


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