Immersion Silver Finish Pcb

Immersion Silver Finish Pcb
Product Details

PCB Specification:

Inner Layer Clearances:  (hole size + 0.020")

Copper to Board Edge:   (0.020")

Pad size / Annular Ring:  (hole size + 0.017")

Hole Size:  (+/- 0.005")

PCB Thickness: (+/- 10%)

Board Outline:  (+/- 0.010")

Internal Cutouts:     (+/- 0.010")

Copper Trace Width: (+/- 20%)

Copper Spacing: (+/- 20%)


1. Less expensive than Electroless-Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG)

2. Safer than immersion tin (for the environment)

3. Easier to use than Organic Solder Preservative (OSP)

4. Has a more level (planar) surface than hot air surface leveling (HASL)

5. Well suited to lead-free assembly techniques


Since immersion silver PCB has good electrical properties unmatched by other surface treatments, it can be used as below:

1. Communication products

2. Automobiles

3. Computer peripherals

4. Design of high-speed signals

5. High frequency signals



1. One to one service.

2. Custom service.

3.Full range of testing services. Including: AOI, Fuction Testing , In Circuit Testing,  X- Ray For BGA Testing, 3D Paste Thickness Test

4. Pre - market after - sales service.

5. Installation and commissioning.

6. Provision of technical guidance.

Production process:


Contact below:


mobile phone:+86-15919476409

Skype: xingdapcbsales1




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