Immersion Tin PCBs

Product Details

Key Specifications and Special Features:

Layer: 2-16

Material: FR4,TG170

PCB thickness: 1.6mm ±10%

Final copper thickness: outer layers 1oz

Minimum hole size: 0.2mm

Minimum line width/space: 3/3mil

Minimum hole copper: 25µm

Solder mask: green

Legend: white

Surface: immersion tin

Outline: rout

E-test: 100%

Inspection standard: IPC-A-600H/IPC-6012B, Class 3

Outgoing reports: final inspection, E-test, solder ability test, micro section and more

Certificates: UL, RoHS, ISO 14001

Advantages of Immersion tin PCBs:

Flat Surface

No Pb


Top Choice for Press Fit Pin Insertion

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Application Fields of PCB:

Our PCB products are widely used in communication, industrial, power electronics, medical instrument, etc.

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Western Europe



South America

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North America

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