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Place of Origin:ShenZhen, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:XDX

Model Number:XDX PCB

Base Material:FR4 CEM1 CEM3 Ceramic Aluminum

Copper Thickness:1~4oz

Board Thickness:0.5~3.2mm

Min. Hole Size:0.15mm

Min. Line Width:0.08mm

Min. Line Spacing:0.08mm

Surface Finishing:HASL,OSP,ENIG,Gold plating

Layer:1~38 layers

Max. Panel Size:541*647mm(Special can do to 950mm)

Finish Hole Size:PTH +/-0.003'' ,NPTH +/-0.002"

Impedance control:±5%

Ring annulus:Min 0.1mm

Aspect Ratio:Min 1:8

Solder Mask Rrgistration:+/-0.003"

Layer to layer Rrgistration:+/-0.003"

PCB Item:PCB OEM, PCB design, PCB assembly

Certificate:UL, SGS, RoSH, TS Certificate


1.More than 11-years experiences with PCB,PCBA production in automatic,auto,medical,industrial control,security,communications,power supply filed.We help our customers to deal with their difficulties in the production and cost down by sourcing from China.

2.Both prototype and mass production are acceptable.There is no minimum order quantity restrictions.


Joystick controllers pcb are widely used in robot control, cranes, special vehicles, civil engineering and construction machinery, precision machine tools, coordinate measuring machines, image processing devices, industrial precision equipment, CAD/CAM/CAE display devices, cameras, Remote control and radio control, radar and navigation systems and many other occasions.


1. We provide full BOM sourcing for all kinds of,connectors,plastic mold and cable,etc.We have most professional component sourcing team and competitive sourcing channels with guarantee quality.

2. We test both PCB and key components 100% before delivery.Our warranty is 12 months for all the boards and products.


The basic principle of the joystick controller is to convert the motion of the plastic rod into electronic information that the computer can handle. When the joystick is in the neutral position, that is, when the joystick has not been manually pushed to either side, all other circuits except one circuit are in the off state. Since the conductor material in each line is not fully connected, no current flows through the circuit.

Each of the off sections is covered with a simple plastic button with a small metal disc. When you move the joystick in either direction, the joystick will squeeze one of the buttons down to bring the conductive metal disc into contact with the board. In this way, the circuit can be closed to complete the connection of the two line parts. After the circuit is closed, current flows from the computer (or game console) along a line, through the printed line, and back to the computer (or game console) via another line.


Q1. Can you do OEM/ODM ?

Yes we can do both OEM and ODM as you required.

Q2. What are you specializing in?
We are specializing in the Industrial motherboard and control board.

Q3.How is your quality?
Answer: We test both PCB and key components 100% before delivery. Aim to set up long term cooperation with customers.We provide products with reliable quality.

Q4.What freight forwarding do you choose?


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mobile phone:+86-18779936199(Whatsapp,Wechat)

Skype: xingdapcbsales12



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