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Xindaxing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a PCB manufacturer that produces double-sided printed circuit boards and multilayer printed circuit boards. The pcb board and printed circuit board produced by the company are widely used in various electronic products, aviation satellite, automobile medical, military manufacturing, computer peripherals, LED screen; various digital products, audio headphones, instrumentation, etc.; for better optimization of resources, we divide the PCB proofing and batch circuit board production, and the production process is lead-free tin-spraying, anti-oxidation (OSP), immersion gold and gold plating, and blind burial test.


Base Material: FR-4

Copper Thickness: 1 ounce

Board Thickness: 1.6mm

Min. Hole Size: 0.25mm

Min. Line Width: 0.15mm

Min. Line Spacing: 0.12mm

Surface Finishing: Through hole plug oil

Connection:  RJ45 LAN or WAN Direct Connection

Power Input:  12-24V DC

Voice Features:  Support SIP 2.0 (RFC3261)(TR069)

Why you choose us:

1. We have made different kinds of circuit boards for many customers at home and abroad, and you will have a wide range of choices.

2. We provide products that are fully compliant with industry standards and you will receive high quality products.

3. We will provide you with the most advanced technology and the latest products, you will have a wide range of choices.

4. We provide fast delivery service

5. We provide fast, friendly support and professional customer service enquiries, you will be always available for service and support.



1. Customized strength, full automation control

More than 10 years of PCB customization experience, high quality domestic and foreign etching machine, exposure machine, V-CUT machine, providing strong protection for customers

2. Imported raw materials, strict quality and quality

We demand imported raw materials from the source, and eliminate the defective products from the source to ensure the quality of the products, and the production process is strictly controlled.

3. ERP system, the whole process of docking is fast

The whole process shortens the time of the intermediate outsourcing, cites the ERP order management system, real-time data monitoring, clear control over the whole line

4. 1 hours corresponding, one-on-one service

1 hour to quickly respond to customer needs, online customer service 24 hours a day, to handle emergency and more timely active customer return visits and services.

Our factory:


1. Is it made by mechanical layer or by wiring layer?

A: The two layers are different. Please note clearly which layer to make.


2. Can you make an aluminum substrate?

A: We can do aluminum board. Please send us Gerber file and Specification.


3. Does PCB production also include soldering of BOM components?

A: Our company can undertake BOM welding, but the quotation is reported separately.


4.How is the PCB proofing charge?

A: Samples Our company is to calculate the price according to the customer's size, quantity and process requirements. Is there any PCB file?


Contact below:


mobile phone:+86-18098922617

Skype: xingdapcbsales1

Email: sales1@xdpcba.com 

Website:  www.xdpcba.com 

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