Metal Detector Pcb Board

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Application of metal detectors PCB board:

Metal detector pcb boards are mainly used to detect and identify buried metal objects. In addition to its military application, it is also widely used.

1. Safety inspection;

2. The public security criminal department searches quickly;

3. Testing metal foreign bodies in raw materials, fuels and foods;

4. Check the metal items in the mail and bag;

5. Explore underground pipelines and cables;

6. Archaeology and prospecting;

7. Discover gold and silver treasures and metal artifacts buried in the ground.

How metal detector PCB boards work:

Its working principle: the metal detector uses the principle of electromagnetic induction, and uses a coil with alternating current to generate a rapidly changing magnetic field. This magnetic field can induce eddy currents inside metal objects. The eddy current will generate a magnetic field, which in turn affects the original magnetic field, causing the detector to beep.

Core Valley has mastered the technical information of the product through reverse engineering, and can provide services such as PCB design, PCB copy board, chip decryption, prototype production, and prototype debugging to meet customer needs. At the same time, we will upgrade the product's functions and upgrade according to the changes in market demand and product upgrades, and provide customized services for our customers. 

Our service:

1. Turnkey PCB Assembly with SMT Technology, DIP

2. Assembly, Die Bonding Process
3. Turnkey PCBA services
5. PCB Design
6. Components Sourcing
7. BGA Assembly
8. Cable, Case assembly
9. Conformal Coating Service


Why us?

1. Fast quotation time

2. Stable lead time for production orders

3. Flexible shipping Method and payment terms

4. With the greatest care and responsibility to packaging and send to you 100% functional board products

5. Any problem, please kindly let us know. We are on-line 24 hours.

Order procedure:

1.  Please Contact us: Send us an enquiry. (Let us know your request )

2.  You will Get a quotation in the shortest time.

3.  Please Confirm the price and other details.

4.  You will Get a PI in the shortest time.

5.  Please Make payment according to the PI.

6.  If you need to verification the samples, you will Get the sample photos or real sample according to your requirements in the shortest time.

7.  After confirm sample, continue to carry out the mass orders.

8.  After the balance payment, you will get goods and B/L or inform you tracking number.



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