Multilayer Circuit Pcb

Multilayer Circuit Pcb
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FR-4, FR1,FR2; CEM-1, CEM-3,Rogers, Teflon,Arlon,Aluminum Base, Copper Base,Ceramic, Crockery, etc.



High Tg CCL is Available(Tg>=170℃)

Finish Board Thickness

0.2 mm-6.00mm(8mil -126mil)

Surface Finish

Gold finger(>=0.13um), Immersion Gold(0.025-0075um), Plating

Gold(0.025-3.0um), HASL(5-20um), OSP(0.2-0.5um)


Surface Treatment

Solder Mask(black, green, white, red, blue, thickness>=12um, Block,BGA)

Silkscreen(black, yellow, white)

Peel able-mask(red, blue, thickness>=300um)

Copper Thickness

1/2 oz min; 12oz max




PCB Workshop:

Multilayer circuit pcb:

Advanced high-precision equipment can help our independent R & D team to design almost PCB for customers.

The precise design makes the PCB also have good performance in the corresponding field.


1.What do I need to give you when I need to place an order?

For PCB: Gerber file and specification.

For PCBA:Gerber file and specification and Bom list.

2.How long does it take to make a sample?

For PCB we need about in 3 days.

For PCBA we need about in 2 weeks(include purchase component).

3.How long we can get a quotation from you?

For PCB we can give to you in 1days.

For PCBA we can give to you about 3-4days.

Contact below:

Tel: +86-0755-29621535 EXT 812

Mol/whatapp: +86-15919935669



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