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The latest OSP formulas are far more robust and are designed for lead-free assembly. They can handle multiple heat cycles and have a one year shelf life. That's the reason why more and more PCB manufacturers choose OSP Finish.OSP pcb surface finish has lots of advantages. Briefly introduce a few today.

1. Simple process, the surface is very smooth, suitable for lead-free soldering and SMT.

2. Easy to rework, easy to operate, suitable for horizontal production line.

3. One panel can have different surface finish (such as OSP + ENIG)

4. Low cost, environmental friendly.

OSP PCB Technological process:

Degreasing—>Water cleaning—>Microetch—>Water cleaning—>pickling—> DI water cleaning—>Formed film and drying—>DI water cleaning—>Drying



From smartphones to kitchen appliances, electronics play a large part in our daily routine. At the heart of each of electronics is a printed circuit board (PCB). 

OSP PCB Surface finish’s application is following:

Medical devices

Consumer Electronics

Industrial Application

Automotive application

Aerospace application

Lighting application

Other application


 AOI Testing

Check for line width and spacing

Check for solder paste

Check for components down to 0201"

Check for missing components, off set, incorrect parts, polarity

 X-RAY Testing

Check for the BGAS

Check for the Micro BGAS

Check for the chip scale packages

Check for the Bare board

IN-Circuit Testing

Power-up Test

Function Test

Flash device programming

OSP pcb quality control:


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