Remote Control Drone Pcb Board

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Remote Control Drone Pcb Board Specification:

Weight: about 20g
Use: drone
Remote control Peripherals / Devices: drone
Tool supplies: mounted class
Material: electronic component
For vehicle type: helicopters
Plastic type: ABS

Model Number: SYMA X5UC / X5UW remote control aircraft body took the motherboard / PCB


Composition of remote control drone pcb board:

The remote control drone PCB board is operated by a combination of software + hardware. Software is what we call the programming and control system software platform, and the hardware is designed by principle, UAV circuit board design, and then the required electronic components, integrated circuits are assembled into a finished product through the circuit board. Of course, PCB is an essential part of any electronic product.


With the research of drones in the various electronic products industry and the dismantling of UAV circuit boards, the circuit boards supported by the UAV system have also attracted the attention of major UAV manufacturers. . No matter which field the drone is used for, the requirements for the drone are very high.

Development of remote control drone PCB board:

At present, the domestic consumer remote control drone PCB board market is hot, and the recognition and demand of unmanned aerial vehicles by ordinary people are gradually rising. Relevant data show that over the past two years, drone companies, financing times, number of flying hands and product use have been obvious. The increase and even exponential growth will continue. In the next five years, the civil drone industry will continue to maintain a relatively fast development trend. In 2020, the sales volume of China's civil drone products will reach 26.5 billion yuan. UAV PCB operations will gain more development opportunities.


Which part of the drone is used for PCB production:

Among the drone mechanisms, the PCB circuit board stands at an important position, and the printed circuit board pcb hard board used by the drone is dominant. Other devices are connected by cables, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, flight control, GPS, light. These are inseparable from the pcb.


Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance: Ultrasonic is used to detect whether there is an obstacle in front of the drone. In front of the drone, you should put an ultrasonic sounder and an ultrasonic receiver. When the sound wave emitted by the ultrasonic sounder encounters an obstacle, These sound waves will be reflected back. At this time, the ultrasonic receiver is used to receive the reflected sound waves, and then an acoustic transducer is mounted on the unmanned fuselage to convert the reflected sound waves into other signals.


Flight control: The air is the control system of the drone. When the drone is in the wind, the aileron elevator will automatically correct to the horizontal position. When the flight control aircraft is installed, you will remain stable even if there is wind. There will be no deflection when flying forward.

GPS: GPS is the abbreviation of English Global Positioning System. The UAV positioning system uses GPS technology for real-time positioning and navigation.


Optical flow: Optical flow is an apparent motion of an image brightness mode that expresses the change of an image. Because it contains information about the motion of the target, it can be used by the observer to determine the motion of the target.


Equipment remote control drone PCB board can be carried by drones:

Aerial camera

Atmospheric data meter

Day and night observation equipment

Ultra small CCD camera

Warning bell


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