RF Circuit Board

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Product Details

Rf Circuit Board Specification:

Brand Name


Model Number


Base Material


Copper Thickness

0.25 oz -12 oz

Board Thickness


Surface Finish

Gold finger(>=0.13um), Immersion Gold(0.025-0075um), Plating Gold(0.025-3.0um), HASL(5-20um), OSP(0.2-0.5um)

Min. Hole Size


Outline Tolerance

+/-0.1mm (4mil) CNC Routing  +/-0.1mm(5mil) CNC Routing

Min. Line Width


Min. Line Spacing


Surface Finishing

HASL Lead Free/OSP/ENIG/Soft Gold/Hard Gold


rf receiver circuit PCB board

Type of services

pcb fabrication, pcb copy, pcb reverse engineering


Industrial/Consumer electronics/Hobby/Medical/Communications

Rf PCB Circuit Board Advantage:

1. About 10 years of industry experience

2. Thousands of style electronic accessories for your choices

3. Competitive price with high quality

4. One to one service, solve your problem efficiently

5. The whole production process to export by IQC,PQC,OQC

6. Quality and finish time guaranteed

7. After service guarantee, assure you the best service at all time.

8. OEM available,large quantities of the same specifications,quality standards, the time control is our strength.

9. Favorable and professional shipping,worldwide shipping available


Rf Circuit Board Application:

Telecom,transmitter,receiver,oscillator,antenna Satellite receiver Global location system,amplifier,satellite telecom Microwave 

transmission Automobile telephone Measure apparatus,LSI inspector,signal oscillator  CA,DBS,LNB/LNA,GPS,VSAT,ETC



Rf Circuit Board Service:

1. Standard Rigid PCB

2. SMT stencils

3. Components Sourcing

4. PCB Assembly on SMT and DIP

5. Flex-rigid PCB

6. Flexible PCB


8. Aluminum PCB

9. Prototype PCB

10. One to one service.

11. Custom service.

12.Full range of testing services. Including: AOI, Fuction Testing , In Circuit Testing,  X- Ray For BGA Testing, 3D Paste Thickness Test

13. Pre - market after - sales service.

14. Installation and commissioning.

15. Provision of technical guidance.


1. What kinds of PCB products you can provide?

A: We can supply mass and prototypes of Rigid PCB (printed circuit board), Flex PCB, PCB assembly, MCPCB (Metal core PCB), MPCB (multi-layer PCB)


2. which countries have you cooperated with?

A: From now, we have cooperated with customer from the USARussia EuropeBrazil, Spain and so on.


3. Can I have my LOGO on the products?

A: Yes, of coure. We can laser your logo on the products.


4. For small quantity orders, can you produce prototype PCBs?

A: Yes. Xinda PCB/PCBA company has the capacity to produce PCBs in any amount. But, the greater quantity, the greater the cost savings.


5. Do you have after-sales product servicing available for your customers?

A: Yes, for any quality problems Fulltronics will take our responsibility to solve it for you any time.

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mobile phone:+86-18098922617
Skype: xingdapcbsales1
Email: sales1@xdpcba.com 
Website:  www.xdpcba.com