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Rogers PCB Enabling step changes in high-frequency, high-speed performance for wired & wireless communications circuits worldwide with Advanced Circuit Material. Key Products/Brands include: RT/duriod® High Frequency Laminates; RO4000® High Frequency Circuit Materials; RO3000® High Frequency Laminates; and TMM® Thermoset Microwave Materials. For applications such as: Wireless Base Stations; Aerospace & Defense; Automotive; and High Speed Digital.

Dimensional Stability:

It is a property necessary for the construction of mixed dielectric multilayer boards. The low CTE of RO4350 laminates on the Z-axis provides reliable through hole quality even in severe thermal shock applications. The material of the RO4350 series has a TG of more than 280 ° C (536 ° F), so its expansion properties remain stable at all process temperatures in the circuit. RO4350 Series laminates can be easily converted into printed circuit boards using standard FR4 circuit board processing techniques. Unlike high-performance PTFE-based materials, RO4350 series laminates do not require special preparation processes such as sodium etching. This material is a rigid, heat-stable laminate that can be treated with automated handling systems and washers used to make the copper surface.


Production Guidelines:

RO4350 high-frequency circuit materials have been developed to provide high-frequency performance comparable to woven PTFE glass substrates, which simplifies fabrication with epoxy/glass laminates. RO4350 is a thermoset material filled with hydrocarbon/glass reinforced ceramic with a very high glass transition temperature (TG> 280 ° C). Unlike PTFE-based microwave materials, no special treatment or via is required. As a result, the processing and assembly costs of the RO4350 material circuit are comparable to those of the epoxy/glass laminates.

Here are some basic tips for dealing with RO4350 double-sided plates. In general, the parameters and treatment methods used for epoxy/glass plates can be used to treat RO4350 plates.

Input / Output Material:

Inlet and outlet materials must be flat and rigid to minimize copper burrs. Recommended input materials are aluminum and rigid composite panels (0.254 to 0.635 mm). Most conventional starting materials with or without an aluminum coating are suitable.

Maximum Height of The Battery:
The thickness of the material to be drilled must not exceed 70% of the groove length. This includes the thickness of the input material and penetration into the substrate.

Surface speeds of more than 500 SFM and chip load less than 0.05 mm (0.002 ") should be avoided as much as possible.


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