FR4 BGA Timer Single Sided PCB Circuit Board

FR4 BGA Timer Single Sided PCB Circuit Board
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Product Details

It’s a Single sided pcb board for timer. The circuit board is made by BGA surface finish with Fr4 materials and green solder mask. Timer board is very common and popular in different filed of electronics. The board lifespan would be reach about 5 years with good performance and 100% top quality. Our boards have been passed RoHS, ISO9001 certification. Our boards are mainly used in European, America, and Mid-Africa.


The board Base Specification:

Layer: single layer


Board thickness:1.6mm

Copper thickness:1oz

Solder mask:Green

Slik Screen:white

Surface finish:BGA


PCB Service:    

1.PCB Layout,PCB design, PCB Production

2.Make high difficulty PCB(1-38 layers boards)

3.offer all Electric components


5.PCB delivery time: Sample order: 5-8 days, mass order:8-15 days;