FR4 EING Model Robot Single Sided PCB

FR4 EING Model Robot Single Sided PCB
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What is FR-4 PCB material?

Most likely, you will have seen FR4 as the standard option for small batch or prototype PCBs like in Xing Da. FR-4 refers to a grade of material rather than a material itself and has many sub gradings and types such as TG130, High TG, FR4-Rogers. The FR4 option on the PCB order page is the grade designation for the epoxy fiberglass that often form the PCB core and prepreg layers. It is the properties of this base that gives the PCB the electrical isolation and mechanical strength required to endure increasingly demanding applications.

The name FR4 comes from the NEMU grading system where the ‘FR’ stands for ‘fire retardant’, compliant with the UL94V-0 standard. You may have noticed that on the Seeed Fusion order page the FR4 option is followed by TG130. The TG refers to the transition glass temperature – the temperature at which the glass-reinforced material will start to deform and soften. For Fusion’s standard boards this value is 130°C, which is more than enough for most applications. Special High TG materials can withstand temperatures of 170 – 180°C and can be ordered online using the Advanced PCB service.

FR4 laminates owe their flame resistance due to its bromine content, a non-reactive halogen commonly used in industry for its flame retarding properties. This gives FR4 materials obvious advantages as a stock PCB material, especially in prototyping where circuits are still in the initial testing stages and may be pushed to extremes. It is also a little assuring if your soldering skills are not up to standard.

Xingda has the capability to manufacture pcb ranging from basic single sided  up to6 4 layer multi-layers boards.This robot single pcb board use common Fr4 material and ENIG surface finish with gold finger technology. The circuit clear and in good performance. With the development of robots, more and more customers send robot pcb inquiry to us from different countries. And we get more and more professional and experienced in the robot pcb filed.

The board Base Specification:

Layer: singlesided


Board thickness:1.6mm

Copper thickness:2oz

Solder mask:Green

Slik Screen:white

Surface finish:ENIG

Gold finger:yes



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5.PCB delivery time: Sample order: 5-8 days, mass order:8-15 days;


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