FR4 HASL Smart Card Single Side PCB

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Our advantages :
1)  High-end, Small volume and Various kinds of PCBA service offered;
2)  Speedy, Flexible and one-stop service in PCBA;
3)  Assembly and Purchasing service offered, all components  are promised to be purchased 100%   
      from Original factories or their pointed agents; 
4)  Transparent quotation,cost and benefit are detailedly opened to customer;
5)   With professional Engineers and Long-term successful experience in cooperating with 
      customers inland and overseas, all new projects can be developed faster and better than expected;
6)   With USA or Japan imported tin cream and tin bar, and 100% AOI testing during production, 
      all PCBAs we made are more reliable.

Quote requirement:
·Gerber file of the bare PCB board
·BOM (Bill of material) for assembly
·To short the lead time, please kindly advise us if there is any acceptable components substitution.
·Testing Guide & Test Fixtures if necessary
·Programming files & Programming tool if necessary
·Schematic if necessary

Technical requirement:
1.Professional Surface-mounting and Through-hole soldering Technology
2.Various sizes like 1206,0805,0603 components SMT technology
3.ICT(In Circuit Test),FCT(Functional Circuit Test) technology.
4.PCB Assembly With UL,CE,FCC,Rohs Approval
5.Nitrogen gas reflow soldering technology for SMT.
6.High Standard SMT&Solder Assembly Line
7.High density interconnected board placement technology capacity.

The applications:

Point-of- Sale (POS) Electronic Security Systems, Automated ITVMs (Ticket Machines), Self-Service ATMs and Kiosks, Security Door Controls, Door Card Control ect.

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