Fr4 HDI Washing Machine Single-sided PCB

Fr4 HDI Washing Machine Single-sided PCB
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We could provide you FR4, aluminum and carbon PCB/PCBA, electric washing machine PCB/PCBA, high quality washing machine board and customize washing machine PCBA board, lowest washing machine printed circuit board, specilized washing machine from shenzhen, ISO9001 certification washing machine PCBA board.

PCB Service

1.PCB Layout,PCB design, PCB Production

2.Make high difficulty PCB(1-38 layers boards)

3.offer all Electric components


5.PCB delivery time:5-10 days

Files needed for quote

1. PCB & FPC      

We need Gerber files and specification for quotation.

2. PCBA(=PCB+Components+Assembly)

    If PCBA, please send Gerber files, specification and BOM list for factory price.

Our factory

We have PCB factory, FPC factory and PCBA factory. Now show your our PCBA factory pictures.


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