Fr4 HDI Washing Machine Single-sided PCB

Fr4 HDI Washing Machine Single-sided PCB
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Fr4 HDI Washing Machine single-sided pcb

PCB 078.jpg 

PCB Service:    

1.PCB Layout,PCB design, PCB Production

2.Make high difficulty PCB(1-38 layers boards)

3.offer all Electric components


5.PCB delivery time:5-10 days;

Here we could provide two kinds of service:

1. PCB & FPC      

We need Gerber files and specification for quotation.


2. PCBA(=PCB+Components+Assembly)

    If PCBA, please send Gerber files, specification and BOM list for factory price.

Our factory: 

We have PCB factory,FPC factory and PCBA factory. Now show your our PCBA factory pictures.