FR4 OSP Electric Toothbrush One Layer PCB

FR4 OSP Electric Toothbrush One Layer PCB
Product Details

FR4 OSP Electric Toothbrush one Layer PCB


Xing Da is professional OEM manufacturer in OSP Electric Toothbrush one layer PCB. Here we take a toothbrush pcb as an example. The OSP  Electric Toothbrush PCB has long working lifespan, high safety and high performance. With the osp technology one layer pcb, the Electric Toothbrush could be more reliable and comfortable. we have a pecial after-sales service technology team .They go through professional training. Our PCB boards market are mainly in America, European, and Mid-East. Welcome to inquiry from us at any time.

FR-4 material is a fire code rating, represents a material specification is meant a resin material through the combustion state must be self-extinguishing, it is not a material name, but a material grade. So now FR-4 grade material is typically used in circuit boards, there are many species, but most are based on the so-called four-function (Tera-Function) plus epoxy filler (Filler) and glass fiber made composite materials.

Product Details

Raw MaterialFR-4 (Tg 130 available)
Layer CountSingle Sided
Board Thickness1.2mm
Copper Thickness1.0oz
Surface FinishENIG(Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold)
Solder MaskGreen
Min. Trace Width/Spacing0.075/0.075mm
Min. Hole Size0.25mm
Hole Wall Copper Thickness≥20μm
PackagingInner: Vacuum-packed in soft plastic bales
Outer: Cardboard Cartons with double straps
AdvantageCompetitive Price,Fast Delivery,OEM&ODM,Free Samples,




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