Ceiling Fan Remote PCB Board And PCBA Assembly PCBAs

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Welcome to Xin Da Xing Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd:

With experience in Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, Xinda PCB/PCBA company has grown to become a one-stop electronic contact manufacturer for complete PCB assembly services. Our website was found in 2011, 11 years experiences in fullly turnkey service. We could provide you the most affordable price for the procurement of high-quality electronic components from China suppliers, and the manufacturing of printed circuit board through highly efficient production processes.


4 speed settings;

Timer setting;

With light control,ON/OFF;

MCU control,flexible and accurate

Voltage: 230V

Load: 600W

Operating temperature: -10°C~40°C 

Why us:

Get a high quality product: AOI X-ray test& 4 times 100% QC inspection before shipping cost

Get a lower price of product to occupy the market

Our one stop service release your energy to focus on design and marketing

Get a strategic long term partner.

Quality assurance:

Our materials are original and imported. Each of the production processes have a special quality control. Products have a special UL, RoHs certificate. After the board is finished, we usually check the goods according to the customer's request.

PCBA production process:

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