Chopper Machine PCB Assembly And Mounting PCBs Board Display

Chopper Machine PCB Assembly And Mounting PCBs Board Display
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We have over 10 years rich experience in PCB/PCBA, especially in chopper machine. Because of its long working life, which wins great appreciation from many customers. We promise to use new and original material. So we can guarantee your quality.And the punctual and shorter delivery are welcomed by lots of abroad company.


• Internal Devices: Heart pacemakers and similar internal medical devices maintain patient health, run by minuscule PCBs at their centers.
• Scientific Instrumentation: Medical research uses numerous scientific instruments to study disease and test patient outcomes. These include electronic microscopes, photometers and control systems for generators and compressors, among other things.
Parameters of Chopper Machine PCB 

Layer: 2
Material: FR4
PCB Thickness: 1.5mm
Final Copper: 1oz
Min Hole: 0.2mm
Min line Width/Space: 3mil

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Production process

Our strict quality control system for PCBA

1. E-test for PCB.

2. IQC for components.

3. AOI test

4. PCBA function test

5. FQC

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