Customized PCB One Stop Service For Air Purifier PCB Assembly

Customized PCB One Stop Service For Air Purifier PCB Assembly
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Rich experience in providing air purifier PCBA service, we can manufacture PCB, purchasing components and do SMT/DIP assembly. Our air purifier PCBA has high durability and long working life, which have been sold all over the world. One important principle of our company is to only use new and original components.


• Surrounding Monitors: Newer car models are often designed with substantial safety systems to help the driver monitor blind spots and more accurately judge distances. Many cars now come with full-perimeter monitor systems, using radar or cameras to measure distances and alert the driver to close-proximity objects. These systems require high-quality PCBs in order to function correctly.
• Control Systems: Car control systems, including engine management systems, fuel regulators and power supplies, use PCB-based electronics to monitor and manage resources. Some control systems even drive the car for the driver in certain situations. For example, some cars on the market today offer automatic parallel-parking functions.

Specification of PCB 

FR-4,CEM-3,Rogers, Teflon,Arlon,Aluminum Base, Copper Base,Ceramic, Crockery, etc.
High Tg CCL is Available(Tg>=170℃)
Finish Board Thickness
Surface Finish
HASL(5-20um), OSP(0.2-0.5um)
Surface Treatment
Solder Mask(black, green, white, red, blue, thickness>=12um, Block, BGA)
Silkscreen(black, yellow, white)

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