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Our company have big capabilities for SMT/SMD assembly (also including Flexible Printed Circuit), through-hole and mixed technology PCB assemblies. In addition, we have own PCBA factory. We can provide you not only aluminum PCBA, FR4 PCBA, but also carbon PCBA and other boards. Any inquiry, don't hesitate to let us know.

PCBA application:

1. Home appliance: smart projector/digital cameral, high-frequency board. Recorder and repeater board, auto audio equipment main board and control board.

2. Wire-less communication: mobile board,. GPS/ direction record board, wireless telephone mainboard, intercom main board.

3. LED Lighting: LED drive power, LED light panel, LED light belt.

4. and others

PCBA parameters:

Min.pin space of IC 0.1mm
Min. space of BGA 0.1mm
Max.precision of IC assembly ±0.03mm
Assembly capacity ≥8 million piots/day
DIP capacity 6 DIP production lines

Our advantage:

1. Quality:Our UL/RoHS standards insure quality assembly from start to finish. 

Whether it's a custom sample or mass product, XingDa will adhere to the highest quality standards.

2. Capability: XingDa offers the latest in assembly capabilities and qualifications

 insuring that quality is built into every product we produce.

3. Experience:  Our management team has over 10 years of electronic industry experience.

Our order process:


1. What options exist for the thickness of copper?

0.5 oz, 1.0 oz, 1.5 oz, 2.0 oz, 2.5 oz, 3.0 oz, 3.5 oz, 4.0 oz, 4.5 oz, 5.0 oz.


2. What are the color options for PCB solder masks?

Green, black, blue, red green, yellow & white.


3. Can I have a sample order for Led light?

Yes.We welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.