Blood Pressure Monitor PCBA Fabrication

Blood Pressure Monitor PCBA Fabrication
Product Details

PCBA Specification:

1. Electronic products for OEM

2.Solder mask color: green

3.Materials procurement and management

4. Prototype and mass producting

5. PCB assembly

Number of Layer

1,2,4 or 6,up to 18 layer

Board Shape


Board Type

Rigid, Flexible, Rigid-flexible

Board Material

FR-4 glass epoxy, FR-4 high Tg, Rohs compliant,Aluminum,Rogers,etc

Board Cutting


Board Thickness

0.2-4.0mm, Flex 0.01-0.25mm

Copper Weight

1.0, 1.5, 2.0 oz

Solder Mask

Double-sided green LPI,Also support Red,White,Yellow,Blue,Black

Silk Screen

Double-sided or single-sided in white,yellow,black,or negative

Silk Screen Min Line Width

0.006'' or 0.15mm

Max Board Dimensions

20 inch*20inch or 500mm*500mm

Min Trace/Gap

0.10mm, or 4mils

Min Drill Hole Diameter

0.01'',0.25mm, or 10mils

Surface Finish

HASL,Nickle,Immersion Gold,Immersion Tin,Immersion Silver,OSP,etc.

Board Thickness Tolerance


Copper Weight Tolerance

± 0.25 oz

Minimal Slot Width

0.12'', 3.0mm, or 120mils

V-Score Depth

20-25% of board thickness

Design File Formate

Gerber RS-274,274D,Eagle and AutoCAD's DXF,DWG


PCBA for Blood Pressure Monitor:

Our PCBA are dedicated to all kinds of blood pressure monitor, such as PCBA for home blood pressure monitor and PCBA for medical blood pressure monitor.

Our advantage for Blood Pressure Monitor PCBA:


our management team has over 10 years of combined industry knowledge. Our engineering team has over 7 years experience.

Protecting your interests

Protecting your Intellectual Property is job one! Our staff of trained professionals are all working under a strict confidentiality contract , lots of customers signed NDA with us protect Intellectual Property

Flexibility design

Our ability to custom tailor programs around our customers' needs. We take time to listen to your unique business needs and then set out to surpass them.


UL/Rohs standards insure quality assemblies from start to finish. Whether it's a simple custom product or a complex turnkey production run, we will adhere to the highest quality standards , all products are double Check before shipping , quality guaranteed .

Our service:

PCB Manufacturing; PCB Layout; PCB Prototyping; SMT Assembly; Through-Hole Assembly; PCB Design, Copy Services; Domestic and Original Components Sourcing; Fixture Test, AOI Test, Functional Test, X-Ray Scan Test for BGA; Enclosure Assembly.

Detailed terms for PCB assembly:

1. Technical requirement:

Professional surface-mounting and through-hole soldering technology

Various sizes like 1206, 0805, 0603 components SMT technology

ICT (In Circuit Test), FCT (Functional Circuit Test) technology

PCB assembly with UL, CE, FCC, RoHS approval

Nitrogen gas reflow soldering technology for SMT

High standard SMT and solder assembly line

High density interconnected board placement technology capacity

2. Quote requirement:

Gerber file and Bom list

Clear pics of pcba or pcba sample for us

Test method for PCBA

Exhibition show:

Q:What's files do you use in the bare board fabrication?

 A:Gerber RS-274X,274D,Eagle and AutoCAD's DXF,DWG


Q: Will our PCB files be checked?

 A: Yes. Your data will be checked by our Engineers Team. If we find any technical issues or have any enquire we will contact you and solve the problems together.


Q:What's files do you need in the PCBA projects?

 A:Exclude the pcb file, the PNP(Pick and Place) file and Components Position file also needed.


Contact us:


Lixia Zeng (Bluesky)     Manager of trading dept  

Tel:+86-0755-23050569    Mobile phone:+86-15919476409

Skype: zenglixia666       Email:



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