Industrial Control Board PCBA For Automotive Application

Industrial Control Board PCBA For Automotive Application
Product Details

Industrial control board PCBA specification:

Layers :1--20
Copper thickness :1--10OZ
Base material : FR4(Shengyi China,ITEQ,KB A+,HZ),HI-TG, FR06,
Rogers, Taconic,Argon,Nalco,Isola 
Finished surface conventional hasl, lead free hasl, immersion gold, immersion tin
immersion silver, hard gold, OSP
Soldermask: green, black, yellow, white, blue, red
Finished board thickness: 0.2-7.0mm
Board thickness tolerance : Board thicknessā‰¤1.0mm: +/-0.1mm
1<Board thicknessā‰¤2.0mm: +/-10%
Board thickness: >2.0mm: +/-8%


Industrial control board PCBA application:

PCBA control board generally includes the panel, the main control board and the driver board. It is widely used in:  Industrial control PCBA panel/Motor control PCBA board/ Appliance controlPCBA panel/Medical Device Control PCBA Board/ Automotive electronic control PCBA panel/ Digital Power Control PCBA Board/ Communication control PCBA board/Dashboard / Control PCBA System.


Industrial control board PCBA advantage:

1. PCBA fabrication,patch,plug, after welding,testing, assembly and mounting,

  Packaing and other processing one-stop service,which can effectively control the production cycle and product quality control

1. High effectively test:.AOI test, In-Circuit Test(ICT),functional Test(FCT)Standard

2. 100% new and original component sourcing

3. Shorter production cycle, providing expedited production

4. Quick response price


Industrial control board PCBA service:





1. What files do you need to quote?

We need Gerber files, specification and bomlist

2. What should I do if the products are damaged during shipping?

Firstly, we will treat the packaging seriously. If there is a missing item phenomenon, please take some pictures and we will deal with the problem immediately for you.

3. Can I stop the order yesterday?

Since PCBA is a custom processing model.Once we put into operation, and it can not be suspended together with changes.

4. Where we source the components?

Unless specified, all components are quoted with original customer spec/manufacturer, not  substitutes.


PCBA Shipping and packaging:

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