Saws PCBA Assembly And PCB Mounting PCBs Board

Saws PCBA Assembly And PCB Mounting PCBs Board
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Xinda Electronics PCB & PCB assembly services manage the cross-functional process and also include electronics design services, quality process, regulatory and reliability services, electronics manufacturing services and PCB manufacturing services. 

PCBA application:

Our products are widely used in:Medical industry, Industrial control, Consumer Electronics, Communication, LED products, Security and Military industry.

PCBA parameters:

PCB Max. size: 510mm*1200mm(SMT)

Min. space of BGA: 0.1mm

Max.precision of IC assembly:±0.01mm

DIP capacity:6 DIP production lines

Our advantage:

1. 100%committed to high quality production service at competitive pricing

2. Fully automatic PCB advanced equipment.
3. AOI optical scanning + testing, quality assurance.

4. On-time delivery production


Our strict quality control system for PCBA: