pcb layout bga 0.5mm

pcb layout bga 0.5mm
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Technical Detail for BGA PCBA :

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Base Material

FR-4, High TG FR-4 , Halogen Free material ,CEM-3,CEM-1,PTFE,Rogers ,Arlon ,Taconic,Aluminum base,Teflon,PI ,etc




1-38 ( ≥30 layers needs review )



Finished inner/outer copper thickness




Finished board thickness

0.2-7.0mm(≤0.2mm needs review),≤0.4mm for HASL


Board thickness≤1.0mm: +/-0.1mm
1<Board thickness≤2.0mm: +/-10%
Board thickness>2.0mm: +/-8%



Max panel size

≤2sidesPCB: 600*1500mm
Multilayer PCB: 500*1200mm



Min conductor line width/spacing

Inner layers: ≥3/3mil
Outer layers: ≥3.5/3.5mil



Min hole size

Mechanical hole: 0.15mm
Laser hole: 0.1mm


Drilling precision: first drilling       First drilling: 1mil
                                                     Second drilling: 4mil




Board thickness≤0.79mm: β≤1.0%
0.80≤Board thickness≤2.4mm: β≤0.7%
Board thickness≥2.5mm: β≤0.5%



Controlled Impedance

+/- 5 % Ω(<50Ω),+/-10%(≥50Ω),≥50Ω+/-5% (needs review)



Aspect Ratio




Min welding ring




Min solder mask bridge




Plugging vias capability




Hole tolerance

PTH: +/-3mil
NPTH: +/-2mil



Outline profile

Rout/ V-cut/ Bridge/ Stamp hole



Solder mask color

Green,yellow,black,blue,red,white,matte green



Component mark color




Surface treatment

OSP: 0.2-0.5um
HASL: 2-40um
Lead free HASL: 2-40um
ENIG: Au 1-10U’’
ENEPIG: PB 2-5U’’/ Au 1-8U’’
Immersion Tin:0.8-1.5um
Immersion silver: 0.1-1.2um
Peelable blue mask
Carbon ink
Gold plating: Au 1-150U’’




Flying probe tester : 0.4-6.0mm,max 19.6*23.5inch


Min spacing from test pad to board edge : 0.5 mm


Min conductive resistance :   5 Ω


Max insulation resistance : 250   MΩ


Max test voltage : 500 V


Min test pad diameter : 6 mil


Min test pad to pad spacing : 10 mil


Max test current   :   200 MA




Orbotech SK-75 AOI : 0.05-6.0mm,max 23.5*23.5inch


Orbotech Ves machine :   0.05-6.0mm,max 23.5*23.5inch


Advantages of BGA PCBA

High density

The BGA is a solution to the problem of producing a miniature package for an integrated circuit with many hundreds of pins. Pin grid arrays and dual-in-line surface mount (SOIC) packages were being produced with more and more pins, and with decreasing spacing between the pins, but this was causing difficulties for the soldering process. As package pins got closer together, the danger of accidentally bridging adjacent pins with solder grew.

Heat conduction

A further advantage of BGA packages over packages with discrete leads (i.e. packages with legs) is the lower thermal resistance between the package and the PCB. This allows heat generated by the integrated circuit inside the package to flow more easily to the PCB, preventing the chip from overheating.

Low-inductance leads

The shorter an electrical conductor, the lower its unwanted inductance, a property which causes unwanted distortion of signals in high-speed electronic circuits. BGAs, with their very short distance between the package and the PCB, have low lead inductances, giving them superior electrical performance to pinned devices.

Test Method for BGA PCBA:

By X-ray layering, the following four basic physical test parameters can be obtained at the BGA solder joint:

1. location of the center of the solder joint

The relative position of the center of the solder joint in different image slices indicates the positioning of the component on the printed circuit board pad.

2. weld point radius

The weld spot radius measurement indicates the corresponding amount of solder in the solder joint on a particular level, and the radius measurement at the pad layer indicates

Any changes in the solder paste-printing process and due to pad contamination, at the ball level

Radius measurements indicate the problem of coplanarity of solder joints across components or printed circuit boards.

3. Take a number of loops around the solder joint and measure the thickness of the solder on each loop.

Ring thickness measurements and their various rates of change, showing the distribution of solder within the solder joints, using these parameters to discriminate

It is particularly effective when the situation is good or bad and the gap exists.

4. the error of the shape of the weld point relative to the ring (also known as roundness)

The roundness of the solder joints shows the symmetry of the solder distribution around the solder joints, which reflects alignment and wetting with the center as compared to the same garden.

In general, the information provided by the above tests is very important for determining the complete surname of the solder joint structure and for understanding the performance of each step in the BGA assembly process implementation. Mastering the relationship between the information provided in the BGA assembly process and these physical tests can be used to prevent the occurrence of displacement phenomena, and to improve the related processes to eliminate the occurrence of defects. The x-ray layering method can reflect the defects that occur at any stage of the BGA assembly process.

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