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Shenzhen Xindaxing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a one-stop PCBA processing service provider engaged in PCB circuit board manufacturing, SMT chip processing, DIP post-welding and testing, and electronic component purchasing. The company has a highly automated PCB circuit board factory and 6 high-speed SMT chip production lines, as well as a variety of professional testing equipment. At the same time, the company has experienced and professional production R & D team and customer service team to meet your needs. demand.


Benefits of the Prototype circuit board assembly:

The reason for ordering a PCB prototype, it''s because is that you want to quickly assess how well your PCB design is going to work. You cannot do that without going through the assembly process. Fortunately, Xinda can do your PCB prototype assembly in-house, so you can find out quickly just how well your assembled PCB prototype works.

The advantage of PCBA factory:

1. Cost advantage

Independent PCB board, circuit board, SMT patch factory cost, more than ten years of component management team

2.  Fast delivery

PCB, SMT expedited service

3.  Quality assurance



Consistent with Rohs

4.  International experience

10 years of PCBA manufacturing experience

It serves PCBA electronics manufacturing solutions for customers in developed countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Germany, France, and has earned a good reputation in more than 100 countries.

What can we do for you?

1.PCB production

Support 3mil, impedance, blind buried hole, BGA hole, 20 layers, laser drilling and other special processes, stable quality, cost-effective.

2. Electronic component procurement

The original factory and primary agent channels provide original COC certification, SQE audit supplier audits and an experienced IQC incoming inspection team.

3.PCBA processing

6 SMT production lines, BGA process, equipped with engraving machine, custom test fixtures for customers.

4. Finished product assembly

Independent assembly line with soldering, software burning, barcode management, QC and OBA management procedures to meet the requirements of small and medium batch assembly.



1. How is your quality of ENIG?

The ENIG surface finish is very resistant to welding and is not easy to fall off.

2. Can you expedite the processing of this PCBA sample?

Sure. We can help you based on your special requirement only if you told us your need.

3. What is the tolerance of your copper thickness?

We can provide you from 1/2 oz min to 12oz max.

4. Do you have your own purchase team or outsourcing?

We have our own professional purchase team, which has about 10 years rich experience.

Contact below:


mobile phone:+86-18098922617

Skype: xingdapcbsales1



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