Single & Double Printed Circuit Board Assembly

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Single-sided printed circuit boards assembly are widely used in many electronic products, and double-sided circuit boards assembly are often used in high-tech electronic products, which provide advantages for various applications, but this is due to the needs of these PCBs. We can meet your different needs.


Brand name


Base material

CEM-1 or FR4

Copper thickness


Board thickness


Min.Hole Size


Min.Line Width


Min.Line Spacing


Surface Finishing

Tin plated

Product name:

Single & Double Printed Circuit Board Assembly


Electronic devices

Xinda’s advantage:

Your direct benefit: manufactured according to standard parameters

Save time and money by reducing design and work preparation

Production optimization

Clear and clear communication

Stable transition from prototype to mass production


Product manufacturing process:

1. Provide file quotation - 2. Place the order - 3. Review the engineering department's materials - 4. Represent the purchasing department's purchasing department components - 5. Warehouse material ordering, material preparation, IQC inspection - 6. SMT patch processing - 7. DIP plug-in soldering - 8. Product burning, testing, assembly - 9. Packaging - 10. Inbound shipments.

PCBA Production equipment&lines

About us:

After 10 years of development, Xinda has become a provider of electronic processing and manufacturing services integrating PCB manufacturing, electronic component procurement, SMT manufacturing and test assembly.

Through ISO90001, UL, Rohs and other quality management systems, PCBA custom OEM manufacturing services to meet European and American export standards.



Q1: What service do you have?

A: We offer one-stop service including PCB manufacturing, SMT, plastic injection and metal, final assembly, testing and other value-added services.


Q2: What are the main products of your PCB / PCBA service?

A: Our PCB / PCBA services are mainly for the medical, automotive, communications and other industries. Multi-layer electronic PCB assembly


Q3: Can we check the quality during the production process?

A: sure, we are open and transparent in every production process, and there is nothing to hide. We welcome customers to check our production process and check it internally.

Contact below:


mobile phone:+86-18098922617

Skype: xingdapcbsales1



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